Sure you know why. Maybe because of “free” services for example YouTube where you can listen without buying the music. But is music listening really for free? What about boring advertisements? Yes, there must be some compensation, but you can avoid it. Here are the reasons why you should BUY music online:

1. Show respect and support

How would you feel if you wouldn´t get paid for your work? It may sound strange but making music is serious job too. Do you pay for quality services for example repairing your car? Do you need it to make your life easier? How would it be if you wouldn´t pay for the repair? Would you be satisfied? You are right – it´s not the same with music. You can listen without buying it. But there is still possibility to support the musician for his good job. Be a real human, show respect and support the musician. He will give it back to you with better and better music.

2. You will feel better

Can you remember your feeling after you helped someone? Yes, it´s pleasant feeling. When you buy music online you do the right thing. You will support the musician and you will feel better because of helping him. There is also one interesting think to mention. When you will feel better you will also like the music more and you will better enjoy it.

3. Listen without advertising

Have you ever tried to download music “for free” and have you been upset with a lots of advertisings? Do you listen to music from YouTube or from other streaming services? Are you satisfied with advertisings? Experience the music without advertisings by buying it online.

4. Enjoy superior quality

You will never get the best quality of sound from streaming services or illegal (free) downloads. When you buy music for example from iTunes or Google Play, the sound comes directly from studio and the best sound quality is guaranteed. Enjoy original best quality sounds by buying music online

5. You will like it

It´s easy to buy music online. Everybody has own Android or iPhone smartphone. The easiest way is to use Google Play or iTunes store, where you can find music which you want. Then you will simply buy it and download it to your smartphone or computer. You will like it because you will support the musician and because it is fast and easy.

At the end it´s on you, if you want to feel better and enjoy best quality of music. Do you have no experience with buying music online? Go ahead, maybe now it´s the time 🙂