Headache is very unpleasant thing. You cannot concentrate on something and you cannot enjoy the day. Everything you think about is only the headache. And if you more and more think about the headache then more intensive it is. How to avoid this trap?

Imagine you wake up in the morning and there already is something in your head. A little headache. Think about it and it will become stronger and stronger. After a few minutes you have a very unpleasant headache which can destroy your good day. Next when something similar will happen after you wake up, immediately turn on some of your favorite music. Absorb every single tone and melody of this music. Now you have a choice. You can think about the headache or you can concentrate on something more pleasant, the music. Headache will go away and this is the goal. Try it when you will have an opportunity. Forget the headache, enjoy the music to have another good day in your life.

What about evening? Are you exhausted in the evening and is the headache coming? Remember the principle from above. You have a choice. Concentrate on your headache or enjoy your favorite music. Lay down on the bed or better is when you go outside with your headphones. Turn on the music, absorb every single tone and melody and enjoy surroundings and nature. This is proven battle against any headache. Be calm and concentrate on the music. Feel it.

Do not let the headache to destroy beautiful moments or the whole day. Yes, you can have a nap or sleep a half of the day. But would it help? You can wake up more broken. Don’t worry and train it. Have a great life without any headache. Use the music again and again. And again happy listening and have a wonderful day 🙂