Dodo Basnak – Fallibility. It was a few years of music production behind us when we decided to establish own record label. We were called music production duo Dodo & Lander (Dodo Basnak and Michael Lander). So the name of label starts with D&L. Purpose of that label was to give space for talented music producers at that time. Now still releasing only music production from Dodo and Michael including Electro Mafia Music. We invented Electro Mafia Music after some time when we haven’t time and energy to produce music.

From university

I was going home from university by train that day. I have prepared tracks named Fallibility, Inner addictions and Electrified to release on some popular music label. Every label that time had strange conditions to release music. After some thoughts I found a way to have own record label. So in beginning of 2009 we released single Fallibility. It also contains mentioned tracks Electrified and Inner addictions. We were full of enthusiasm. Own release on own record label. We were very proud of it.

Getting back

I’m really happy getting back some years ago. The music was something special. Maybe it’s only own perception. Music was something like gold. We had a lot of expectations from own record label. We had a lot of dreams it will make enough money to live from it. But back to the reality and we hope you will enjoy this nice tracks with original YouTube uploads J We still believe the dream will come true, we know it will 🙂

EP Dodo Basnak – Fallibility was released on D&L Records label on 06.04.2009. Such a long time, isn´t it? 🙂

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