Chilling softly was a second release from Dodo Basnak on D&L Records. It was something like revolution in our music production. Motivation was great and also we had a lot of support from our friends. The title of this release as you can see is similar to well-known music named „Killing softly“. We were amazed with Steinberg Cubase music production system this time. In this music system was „Chilling softly“ created.

Digging in progressive style

It was actually progressive style in electronic music on rise. We wanted to catch progressive elements in our music too. Nowadays we do not know if we got it  😀

Major record label

We were inspired by major record labels of electronic music a lot. So we wanted to produce quality music releases with some remixes. We did not know anybody who would remix our tracks for free because of almost no money in business 🙂 Then we remixed almost everything ourselves. The „Chilling Softly“ release is an example. My favorite is Chilling Softly – Dod Mix because it is energic and interesting in the style. I love these melodic patterns.

What about mastering?

As you can hear, mastering of the tracks was not our strong side. But still listenable and that is important. We are proud we have Chilling softly as our early music production 🙂 Hope you will enjoy it.

Dodo Basnak – Chilling Softly was released on 24.05.2009, containing these tracks:

  • Dodo Basnak – Chilling Softly (Setd Up Origin Dodmix) (D&L Records) (00:07:21) (DEAR40919791)
  • Dodo Basnak – Chilling Softly (Dod Mix) (D&L Records) (00:07:49) (DEAR40920743)
  • Dodo Basnak – Chilling Softly (D&L Records) (00:08:14) (DEAR40919788)

Original description of the release is:

As we know, spring is between ourselves with its awaited sunshine. Nature is waking up with new opportunities for everyone. But there will always be something chilling us. Could it be nice cool breeze floating without memories? Or something that only you mind? In the world of Trance and of course in the world of all music, every man can find his own answer there. A few are hidden in this interesting release. Each version has very different factum and that true one is just on your selection. So, be simple 🙂

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