The Past. A first release from Dodo & Lander (Dodo Basnak and Michael Lander, now Electro Mafia Music) on D&L Records music label. We did it together. The intend was to create energetic and uplifting music. Do you think we fulfilled it?

Cubase and loud speakers’ era

I think we wanted to try Steinberg Cubase music production software that time. It was something different from what we were used to use. I remember big homemade speakers in Michael’s room. When we were creating the music, we put sound volume of the speakers to the highest level. We thought it could help us to be more creative. But when we pulled volume down we were curious about that crappy sound of the music. Mastering was not our strong side. We also haven’t required equipment to do it. So, we used something from our ears and the crappy homemade speakers. I think the result is not so bad.

The story of The Past

It was something more that just electronic music. Every music we created must have a story. The Past is about an ancient civilization. The Past has beginning, the plot and ending. Similar as in classic story telling. At the beginning the civilization lives its ordinary life. When the refrain comes, there is something strange coming to happen. There comes a light from space. The bright and colorful lights. Sounds strange. The civilization is celebrating it. When the song continues, lights are gone and the civilization is getting back to live its ordinary life. What about you? Do you have a similar story when listening to The Past?

Hope to be played on radio

We sent it to couple of radios and hoped The Past will be played. I remember there was some feedback. We were happy from it. We spotted it on some playlists but now I can’t remember on what radios :/ What a pity we didn’t archived properly all our work from early music production.

The Past was our first piece when creating music together. The Dodo & Lander project was officially established and released to online music world.

This is the original text from the release:

Dodo & Lander – The Past was released on 03.08.2009, containing these tracks:

  • Dodo & Lander The Past (Original Mix) (D&L Records) (00:09:10) (DEAR40923550)
  • Dodo & Lander The Past (Precipitous Dodmix) (D&L Records) (00:07:09) (DEAR40923556)
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