Daniela – the title of first energic Chillout track that will captivate your mind. Chillout genre is known because of its relaxing capabilities. But we did it differently. Listeners all over the world now have a chance to taste new definition of Chillout music.

The plot

Daniela” from Electro Mafia Music as it is Chillout music has relaxing attributes. But when you will listen to it you will be drawn away from your reality and everyday troubles. The music will take you to another dimension. Interesting electronic music sounds and unusual melodies take care of empowering you with new energy and thoughts from higher states of mind. The plot of “Daniela” is to empower with new energy and let you feel better with new ideas and thoughts about this world.

Full relaxed and listening over again?

Be aware! This song is like a drug or something like that. Like the drug, you can be addicted to. Escaping away from reality a feeling better is contagious. And this is the thing “Daniela” does. But better for you 🙂 Be out of this reality is sometimes the best thing you can do. Get a new energy and better feelings and you are ready to come back.

Thanks for your attention and hope you will enjoy the music 🙂

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