Do you have a girlfriend? Is it important to search for date ideas? Struggling what to do in the evening with girlfriend? Maybe you feel you tried almost all choices in the past about what to do. It is always about money or good idea. Money costs you some effort and good idea costs some time to think. But is this important? Love between two people should not look like this. You do not have to leave all your money or think all day about a perfect date. Let your thoughts be natural and feel every moment with your girlfriend.

  • Feel the presence
  • Prepare sensual atmosphere
  • Stay tuned

Feel the presence

Feel the presence is a name of the song from Dodo Basnak. You can listen in there on YouTube. This song can concentrate people to present moments thanks to its melody and composition. We have a lots of thoughts in the evening. For example, about work or some problems. We think it is very difficult to concentrate and to feel the presence for adults. We adults have a lot of problems to solve. And sometimes we have such problem that we do not feel present moments. Surely you know what we are talking about. Just remember your girlfriend talking something to you and you are completely out of service. You cannot hear it. Because of some problems – the mess in your head. Try to find a recipe how to get rid of it. It is important to be here and now.  Do you want to have a perfect date? Get rid of this thoughts. Sense the presence, the present moments. Be fully attentive to your girlfriend.

Prepare sensual atmosphere

You would have wondered but a set of candles can do the trick. Candles and atmospheric music. It has to be something unusual. Also evening bath with candle atmosphere is great. This atmosphere will help to get rid of unwanted thoughts that would break perfect evening. When you will be in the present atmosphere, let the kisses to lead you. Music will help you with a great atmosphere to have a perfect date. But be careful. Do not think just about yourself.  Prepare also music which is liked by your girlfriend. She will surely enjoy it a lot. Empower the atmosphere with candles and maybe with some dinner that you have prepared. When it comes, ejnoy the music. Music will also help you to feel the presence with your girlfriend. Talk about music, about melodies, dream places to visit and so on. 🙂

Evening with girlfriend – what to do next?

Stay tuned

You hurried off somewhere? Realize that you have all night. There is no reason to rush. Do you use to be tired in the evening? Don´t worry, present sensual atmosphere will also get you rid of fatigue. Enjoy your girlfriend and don´t forget to stay tuned. You will be both surprised 🙂 What does this mean? We mean stayed tuned to have more evenings like this. So not let it go. Not just once a time and it is enough. Evenings like this can make better connection between each other. By the way like this you communicate. And communication is very important in relationship. How often do you talk about your dreams and goals in ordinary day? So let you have some time with different atmosphere and things will be better 🙂

We described some other way how to spend pleasant evening with your girlfriend. Do not forget to feel the presence, prepare atmosphere and stay tuned.