Everyday music. Can imagine a day without music? Can you imagine the whole life without music? Do you think the world would be sad without music? A fact is that music is everywhere, thankfully. Maybe you don’t register the music in shop nearby, restaurants, amusement park or television. Is really hard to say that you don’t have a single day without music? Of course you can have a day without music if you are isolated from civilization somewhere in the forest.

Challenge accepted. Walk through your city and absorb its atmosphere. Sure you will hear some music from the shops or restaurants for example. And when you are online on the internet. What would be internet without music? You want to watch interesting videos for example on YouTube and there is music in the videos. Are online games boring without sound and music? They are for the most people. Another example, try to watch your favorite movie without sound. Or imagine the movie with sounds and dialogs but everything without music. Pretty sad and boring, do you agree?

The music has become a part of our everyday lives. The music can make us feel better. The music can strengthen us to do our tasks better and faster. Do you have your favorite songs? Can you listen them over and over again? And why you can listen them over and over again? That´s the thing. You feel better. So why is the music everywhere? The answer is: Everyone want to feel good everywhere.