We can remember a times when gramophone records (LP record, vinyl record) or compact cassettes (MC – musicassette) were actual. Is music online an advantage nowadays? Can you feel a lack of value of music in common?

We can say that gramophone records or compact cassettes or maybe CDs weren´t a matter of course. Thus we weren´t able to listen anything we wanted. Now everything is online, music online, videos online and available everywhere where the internet is. In the past if we wanted some kind of music we had to pay some effort to do it. Then the music had a value to us. But what about music online today? We have everything on the internet. Almost every music made is there available to listen. But does the music have such value to us as in the past?

The main advantage of music online is that we can listen to any music we want. We can download it to our smartphones easily and listen anywhere. Music in its substance has still its irretrievable value. But what about our attitude to this music even if it´s available everywhere? Do we value the music as in the past?

Technology makes our lives much easier nowadays. Just look on computers. They are everywhere. Our personal computers, televisions, household appliances, smartphones and so on. Also music is made and listened on computers.

At the end, here is the answer: yes, music online is an advantage. But we cannot forget its purpose. Music can make our day better. You can do more with better mood by listening music. Don´t forget what value has the music to you and enjoy every music online advantages.