Do you have a lack of lifeforce? What is the purpose of music? The main purpose of music it to make you feel better. While listening to music, your day can be better. You can make a little test. Try to have a week without listening to music. Then have a week with listening to music. Then will be time to compare these two weeks. Which week would be better?

Music will give you enough energy and motivation to boost your lifeforce. The music is a thing that can give you something different. When you are listening, you can feel that you are in another world. Maybe in your own world or fantasies. The sounds of music are unique because you can hear them just in that moment. Of course you can remember them a bit. But they are strong only when you are listening.

The music can give you positive energy. Harmonic and melodic sounds are just beautiful. They have enormous power. It´s an unlimited source of energy. You can feel that some music is not giving you energy anymore. But give this music to someone else and the energy will flow to him. And what about you? Find some other energic music to listen.

At the end of this article there is one question: Why the music can give us enough lifeforce? Can you answer? We can´t. It´s just like that. It´s similar as if someone asks: Why the water flows? Why the wind blows? Is it needed to explain everything about that or just enjoy and have fun with it?