Discovering. This is the second word that can describe a new song named “Lilien” from Electro Mafia Music. People have always needed to discover something new. When composing this song, we also discovered something.

Unusual melodies

Maybe you know that “Lilien” is also a name for girl. Maybe it´s unusual name. As some people describe meaning of this name, the person with Lilien name is quite nervous even though appears more phlegmatic. It´s unusual from our point of view. Listen to “Lilien” song and you feel that this song is quite nervous too. The composition and melodies are unusual but pleasant for loud listening after all.

Interesting composition

We kept the interesting melody which is present all the time. Then we added some interesting drums and bassline. The base melody is very catchy so we didn´t think much about how to improve it or something like that. It was a free flow that created this interesting composition. What do you think about it?


We publish only music which we are 100% sure that is really listenable. Try to play it and you will feel that you need to listen it over and over again. That´s our objective. Just check also other music from Electro Mafia and you will see. Happy listening and have a nice day with positive energy with music.

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Posted by: Dodo Basnak
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