Selfie – want to feel wonderful?

This one will tune you well

Brutal catchy melody is the main element of this song. It will make you listening over and over again. Selfie from Electro Mafia Music will respond to your emotions. No matter if you are sad or happy. Selfie will tune you well as when you are taking selfie with your friends. Taking selfies has something to do with positive mood. When people are taking selfies, they usually smile. Enjoy your smile while listening to this song.

Absolutely fresh

Discover something new while listening to music. You can have a feeling while listening to this song that you cannot breathe. It will absolutely catch your attention. It´s interesting because the song won´t let you breathe. It´s very rhythmic, very fresh and so will encourage you with positive energy. Do you believe that taking selfies is a phenomenon? Do you feel fresh while taking selfie? Then you feel absolutely fresh, just listen to Selfie from Electro Mafia Music.

Will leave positive feeling

The main purpose of music from Electro Mafia Music is that you will feel better after listening to their songs. Motivate yourself to live a better life. Do you have something unpleasant to do? Listen to Selfie before doing it. This song will surely tune you well and you will be doing your tasks with pleasure.

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