What we as the people are looking for in our lives? Source of happiness? Everybody is talking about happiness.  Everybody wants to be happy. What the happiness is? We need nothing when we are happy. But a man always need something. It is true that people can be happy just a few moments when they actually need nothing? Is there a way to be happy more than just few moments? Most people are waiting happiness itself to come and do nothing. What about you?

Source of happiness?

What is your source of happiness?  What moment is it when the happiness surrounds you? Try to help someone strange for example by carrying the bag. You will feel great. Happiness comes from helping others. But can you help yourself? This is a thing forgotten by most people. We need some time for healing and helping ourselves. Everybody needs some time to be alone. If not people can be angry. How to avoid this?

Instant happiness

One of the sources of happiness is music. Do you have some favorite music at this moment? If yes, just play it and realize why you like it. Does it remember you something? People can feel happiness when their fantasies come. It would sound strange if someone tells you that he dreams about bad things. When we daydream or when we are floating in our fantasies we think only about great things we want to happen. Music can help with this. Music has a lot to do with our dreams and fantasies. Get your “instant happiness” and use it.

Win over depression

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