Waterfall – get instant energy


Download waterfall and enjoy unbelievable great power. The fact is that Waterfall has plenty of energy. Not only this music but also every single Waterfall in nature. Can you feel the power from a small waterfall in nature? And can you feel the power from really huge waterfall? Can you hear playing water? Can you feel undermining your knees? Enjoy this feelings and powers just by listening “Waterfall” from Electro Mafia Music.

Interesting Electronic Music

This Electronic Music is not composed in accordance to other electronic music patterns. It has its own interesting composition and so is very catchy. “Every touch, every kiss, every smile is waterfall” are the lyrics that are repeating during the song. We tried to extend the lyrics but it was in vain. Actual lyrics are just great and you will play this music over and over again thanks to vocals too.


Want to feel better? “Waterfall” from Electro Mafia Music is composed on melodic base. Melody is the key to have a better day and better tomorrow.

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